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JB Cocoa (Malaysia), the state-of-the-art cocoa processing plant is set up in compliance with renowned international quality and food safety standards, namely ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP. The production line combines the latest technological machinery and highly efficient controlling software from European countries. The company's team is committed employees with a few decades experience as cocoa makers. The company has the cocoa know-how, the volume, the strategic location and the commitments to give customers the best choice for any of its applications. The success of the company is derived from company's philosophy: to be approachable, cooperative, flexible, and accessible to all customers.


CocoaHouse Industries Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of TSH Resources Berhad, which is listed on Bursa Malaysia (Malaysia Securities Exchange). CocoaHouse Industries Sdn Bhd is one of the longest established cocoa processors. It has stringent controls in checking and selection of the raw material to ensure only cocoa beans of the best grade and quality are being processed. Company produces cocoa products of the highest quality with the latest technologies and quality controls at each step of the processing. Its renowned CocoaHouse brand cocoa products are well distributed worldwide.



MONER & LLACUNA, S.A. is a 100% family owned company. It belongs to the NEDERLAND cocoa and chocolate group located in Spain.


1934 Founded to soap oils production

1936 Started cocoa beans processing

1967 Nederlands Group took over Moner & Llacuna

1980 Moner&Llacuna moved to the current premises in Viladecans and Reus

2005 The new cocoa powder factory has been opened in La Selva del Camp

The Company produces Defatted Cocoa Powders (natural and alkalized), Natural Cocoa Powders, Alkalized Cocoa Powders, Liquor Kibbled, Pure Prime Pressed Cocoa Butter (PPP) and Moncao Cocoa Butter in accordance with strict European and International quality rules (CEE, CODEX and FDA). MONER & LLACUNA, S.A. buys cocoa beans and cocoa cake from West Africa, mainly from Ghana, and from Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Cameroon.



Euromar Commodities GmbH (Germany) is an independent, family-owned and operated cocoa processing company. It supplies quality natural cocoa mass, natural and deodorized cocoa butter and natural and alkalized cocoa powder to leading food industry entities worldwide. Its production facility, located between Hamburg and Berlin, has an annual cocoa bean through-put capacity of 20,000 MT. Euromar uses only top quality cocoa beans from Africa and Ecuador to produce alkalized and natural cocoa powders to meet customers preferences, natural and deodorized cocoa butter exceeding industry standards and blended origin and grade specific cocoa liquor. Euromar has a sophisticated in-house laboratory that rigorously tests and analyzed raw materials, in-process goods and finished products. Euromars products are regularly analyzed by external laboratories for verification. Hygiene and sanitation practices comply with HACCP protocols.

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Invitation for the exibitionFood Ingredients 2008
Dear Friends,

We invite you to visit our company stand in 11th Moscow International Exhibition Food Ingredients 2008, which will take place in the 2nd pavilion of the exhibition center Krokus Expo during the period 25-28.11.08.
International and Russian cocoa products markets
Cocoa products market condition is in the direct depend on the position of the biggest cocoa beans grinders. Depending on their economical interests, cocoa products producers prefer to produce cocoa liquor or cocoa butter and cake. Depending on their decision, deficit is created on this or that kind of cocoa product, which leads to increase or decrease of the price.
Invitation for the exibition
We invite you to visit our company stand in 10th Moscow International Exhibition Food Ingredients 2007, which will take place in the 2nd pavilion of the exhibition center Krokus Expo during the period 04-07.12.07. Our stand C27is in the 8 Hall.
Russian market report

What we see now is a growing deficit on powder, especially alkalized. Prices finally reach 2000 USD per 1 metric ton.

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