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GRAND TRADE is one of the leading private soft commodities traders in Russia. The company concentrates its efforts on food ingredients for chocolate, confectionery and dairy industries. We are specialized in cocoa products and offer brokerage and wholesale services. Our list of products includes:

  • Cocoa powder natural/alkalized.
  • Cocoa butter natural/deodorized.
  • Cocoa liquor.



We can be an important partner for your company, because of the following arguments:


  • We are experts in cocoa market segment as we are exclusively specialized in cocoa products import.
  • Direct contracts with the biggest Europe, Asian, African cocoa producers allow us to strictly control the quality of products, which are imported to Russian market.
  • High level service. In accordance with our clients point of view, its an exclusive feature of GRAND TRADE company. It allows us both to provide the whole product delivery scheme and to react quickly and flexible on the needs of our partners.
  • Our company has storage places in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Products are stabile located on the storage place. Because of products quick turnover, its constantly renewed.
  • A part of our service is information support. Regular cocoa world market analytics helps our clients to determine purchase strategy.
  • Our company has constant faithfulness and quality, we usually find an individual approach to each client, we are trying to reach mutual interest partnership both with our suppliers and clients. It makes our company dynamics and allows to stabile increase our sales volumes in cocoa products market.
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Invitation for the exibitionFood Ingredients 2008
Dear Friends,

We invite you to visit our company stand in 11th Moscow International Exhibition Food Ingredients 2008, which will take place in the 2nd pavilion of the exhibition center Krokus Expo during the period 25-28.11.08.
International and Russian cocoa products markets
Cocoa products market condition is in the direct depend on the position of the biggest cocoa beans grinders. Depending on their economical interests, cocoa products producers prefer to produce cocoa liquor or cocoa butter and cake. Depending on their decision, deficit is created on this or that kind of cocoa product, which leads to increase or decrease of the price.
Invitation for the exibition
We invite you to visit our company stand in 10th Moscow International Exhibition Food Ingredients 2007, which will take place in the 2nd pavilion of the exhibition center Krokus Expo during the period 04-07.12.07. Our stand C27is in the 8 Hall.
Russian market report

What we see now is a growing deficit on powder, especially alkalized. Prices finally reach 2000 USD per 1 metric ton.

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